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TCE has respect as it’s central base, since its founding in 1994. Respect to the community, the environment, our employees and customers. We believe that this base moves our entrepreneurial spirit in search of new challenges. Respect, commitment, diversity and ethics are present in our day to day, reflecting on our success and ensuring ongoing investments.

Juberto Pimentel


TCE Shipyard presents the results of a joint and participative administration that is reverted into environmental excellence and social responsibility. Becoming one of the leading shipyards for naval services, both onshore and offshore.

  • Provide products and services for shipbuilding and ship repair, oil and gas industries;
  • Provide technical services and efficient solutions for to our customers;
  • Develop continuous and efficient services.
  • Combat any form of discriminations;
  • Act to fulfill all existing rights in the country;
  • Interact with society and the community in a cooperative manner;
  • Promote a safe and integrated work environment;
  • Act ethically in all business relationships.
Being the leading company on onshore and offshore services, with excellence, creating long-term value and actively participating in the expansion of the oil and gas market in the country.

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